Income tax planning and preparation for individuals is one of Thieme and Adair's strengths. The planning process starts at the beginning of the year, usually while preparing the prior year income tax return. We thrive on advising clients on how to save income taxes, what is deductible and what is not, and in letting you know how to keep your hard earned dollars. This is essential to good financial planning.

Income Tax Planning and Preparation

We do income tax planning and preparation for sole proprietorships, partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations, LLC's and LLP's. Advising business clients on every aspect of tax planning and preparation is an essential part of a good business plan.

QuickBooks Experience

QuickBooks consulting, training, and setting up books and advising and monitoring clients accounting systems on QuickBooks are also things we specialize in. Not only have we used QuickBooks as our accounting system from the day it was first released as a business alternative to Quicken, Thieme and Adair was the first CPA firm in Lafayette to teach QuickBooks training classes and was part of the QuickBooks initial Pro Advisor Program. For years, many of the other CPA firms would refer their clients to us for QuickBooks training and education.

Business Planning Seminars - Helping Others!

Since 1987, Rich Adair has been teaching business planning through the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. The amount of business planning and experience that John and Rich have from starting their CPA Firm from scratch and advising clients for over 30 years is amazing.

Real Estate Business Consulting

Thieme and Adair also work closely with many of the different businesses in the real estate market, such as Brokers, Developers, Builders, Subcontractors, Heavy Equipment Operators, and Professional Real Estate Landlords. Thieme and Adair clients own and operate over 27,000 commercial and residential units.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Thieme and Adair also handle auditing for a number of local not-for-profit organizations.